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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Favorite Blogs List Updated

I have finally gotten around to adding the lists of other GPT/PTC & money blogs (and another friend/fave) that I read most every day in the sidebar. It's a really cool little widget that is linked to the blogs' feed, thus it shows you when they last were updated. Blogger has had that widget for a while, but I just hadn't had time to mess with it and configure it until now. Unfortunately it's a little lower on the page than I would prefer, but with this particular Blogger template (which I won't be changing for a while, I had too much trouble getting this one set right as it was, LOL) the text sticks waaaaay out almost into the blog content, so I had to put the lists where they wouldn't make my left eye start twitching & teeth grind every time I saw them (LOL, I've been in web design for many years and we're kind of anal retentive that way).

Anyway, they're there now, so check them out. I highly recommend My Online Money especially for daily news of what's going on ALL over the industry ever day and especially in the PTC realm... more often than not, when I find out about a site closing that I'm not a member of (and sometimes ones I am, LOL) or any other big news, I either read it there or over at GPTBoycott!


JessicaMichele said...

Wow! Thanks for mentioning my blog. Yours in definitely one of my favorites as well.

Miss Money Hunter said...

You're welcome, Jessica, and thank you too! I really appreciate what you do & usually head there first thing to start my day to see what the news is. I admire your patience & diligence gathering all the "need to know" news, more patient than I - when I was trying to do contest updates every day it about killed me (and that was only a handful of sites, LOL)!

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