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Friday, December 12, 2008


Now that I've been doing this for a while, some of you might have been wondering why in the world I hadn't gotten around to listing any of the DealBarbie network of sites, which are all very popular in the industry, and the owner has a great reputation for being and honest and paying admin.

Well, the answer to that (why I hadn't listed any of them yet) is because DealBarbiePays was one of the first sites I joined, and then for whatever reason I got more active on other sites and it kind of fell by the wayside with me for a while and, well, now here I am finally getting back to it! Since I initially joined and all that way back when, I have become acquainted with the admin via other industry discussion forums and such, and have started getting a little more active on those sites again.

In any case, it's just such a great group of sites, and with such a good reputation for honesty and being paying sites, that I would be really remiss to continue on without having listed them yet, so here we go!

We'll start with DealBarbiePays, where I first joined way back when. Tons of contests on this site always, lots of 1-cent PTC on site, two referral levels (20% & 10%) - lots of good stuff, and also a $5 signup bonus!

UPDATED 07/09/2009: The DealBarbie network of sites underwent a sale at the beginning of the month and was sold to an established and trusted owner in the community. One major change to the the site that is really nice - DealBarbiePays now has instant, fee-free PayPal payments available whenever the cashout minimum is reached. Check and gift card payments will be paid twice monthly on the 15th & 30th of every month.

UPDATED 05/21/2009: DealBarbiePays is now open to members in the US, UK, and Canada.

UPDATED 11/04/2009: DealBarbiePays has eliminated the payment by check option, but has added Wal-Mart and iTunes gift cards to available payment options.

UPDATED 06/27/2010: The DealBarbie sites are now owned by respected owner Barbara Norris, longtime owner of AnythingFreeForYou. Payment terms have changed to Net 35 and pays by check, PayPal, AlertPay, Revolution Money Exchange, direct deposit, & Wal-Mart or Amazon gift cards/certificates.

UPDATED 09/24/2010: Cashout at DealBarbiePays has been decreased to a $10 minimum.

UPDATED 03/02/2013:  Once again there's been a ton of changes to the site since I last updated, and really so many changes over the years I about can't keep up. The major ones: Members who joined after January 1st, 2011, can cash out at $5; those who joined prior to that date can cash out at $5 dependent on number of offers done, otherwise cashout is $20.

Payment is now available within 24 hours. Payment methods available are PayPal, Payza, check, direct deposit (with approval), and a number of gift certificate/gift card options. There are still two referral levels, but now at 10% and 5%.

DealBarbiePays has been awarded the Diamond Seal of Approval by BeenPaid.com.

Join DealBarbiePays today!

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