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Monday, December 1, 2008

Got Paid Update #33 (Ozzys Direct Pay) - And I Won Some Cash!

So, welcome to December! This morning is not even over yet, and already it's been full of pleasant surprises!

First of all, I'm tickled pink (pun intended, since Ozzys is a pretty pink website) to report the first pleasant surprise of the morning when I opened my e-mail to find I already had my November payment of $10.59 in my PayPal account from Ozzys Direct Pay! That was super nice and I'm sure all the members there will be very pleased to have a little unexpected extra this month for Christmas shopping!

(EDITED: Whoops - the BankRollBucks $20 win I had reported earlier turned out to be a system error! I had kind of wondered about that but then decided I must have been confused about the contest. No big deal, it was an honest mistake & BankRollBucks is still the best and my favorite site - check out the 12 Days of Christmas contest that started today in the post below!)

But then after that, I headed over to GetCashDollars and that was where the really big shock and pleasant surprise was. When it comes to jackpots and raffles, I never win (heck, I never win anything period, I won a $250 gift certificate from Amazon once years ago and have rarely won anything since), so if I buy a raffle ticket or jackpot entry, I usually only buy one. I redeemed some points for one over there earlier in the evening last night, and then as an afterthought, shortly before midnight last night I decided to get three more jackpot entry tickets.

Well, it turned out to be a good afterthought because I learned this morning that I won the $21.50 jackpot, woohoo!

I've been saying all along that contests and jackpots at the GPT sites are a really fantastic way to boost your earnings, and I really haven't been as diligent in recent months as I should have been about them - but here's proof once again that that's right!

Since it's the first of the month and cashout day was yesterday, it's too late for me to get the winnings for Christmas stuff, but they certainly will come in handy come January! And since I will already be able to definitely cash out this month, I might work a little harder in December toward some record cashouts right here at the end of the year. My total earnings on sites listed here at the Guide is edging close to my $1000 goal for the year - though the total I've been paid is now $621.10, with the amount I've got out there pending payment my total for 2008 is actually over $960 right now - so I'd like to push that total on over.

In any case, thanks to GetCashDollars for the opportunity to get there, and to Ozzys Direct Pay for the unexpected early for Christmas payment! All this good news this morning was just great & such a pleasant and unexpected surprise!

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