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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Honey Advertiser Pro

There are lots of ways to earn on Honey Advertiser Pro, but I have to say this is a particularly good site to work on just for the advertising and promotion benefits. It's very inexpensive overall (and they often have really good specials) for banner impressions and paid to click ads, plus you can redeem the points you earn for advertising and you can rack up a LOT of those here. So if you are looking to build up your downlines, whether in GPT/PTC/PTR or other moneymaking ops, this is a really nice and easy way to do so - but you can also earn extra cash here too!

One of the reasons you can rack up so much - they send out BUNCHES of paid mail! There's also a pretty large amount of PTC on site usually, as well as some PTS offers and other ways to earn.

So tons to do, lots of ways to earn, overall a very largish and well-rounded PTR with some pretty excellent advertising & promotion benefits. Cashout is $10 minimum and they pay within 30 days by PayPal.

Honey Advertiser Pro is open to international members.

UPDATE 08/31/2009: I thought I had already removed this site from the list, but apparently not. In any case, it was obvious a few months ago that there had been no activity on the site in a very long time, and I note today the site has disappeared (no surprise), so am removing it to the closed programs section.


MsFit said...

I joined this one a while back but neglected it.
I'm thinking about giving it a second try. I've seen lots of proof of pay for this site.

Miss Money Hunter said...

Like a lot of the click sites, I haven't made a withdrawal here because I am also putting my earnings back into advertising at a lot of the click sites (I need to not do that for a while so I can show them as sites that pay, 'cos I know the ones I'm most active at all do, LOL).

Here's the thing about Honey... I am not as diligent as I should be about getting to my mails before they expire, but when I do, and if you stay on top of them... you can rack up an incredible amount of points that you can redeem for advertising. The ratio there for that is a LOT higher than most places!!!

Good to see you again, thanks for dropping by! :)

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