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Friday, December 5, 2008

Got Paid Update #34 - BankRollBucks

Got paid today once yet again by BankRollBucks - $7.88 for November, and if I hadn't gotten so busy with other stuff last month it probably would have been much more, but I'm cool with that and looking to make a very nice end of the year cashout there in December!

BankRollBucks is one of the quickest payers of the sites that pay monthly - it's Net 15, but usually pays within 5-7 days of cashout - and it's really just so very easy to make the $5 minimum cashout there every month, there's no reason anyone couldn't hang out there and get paid every single month by BankRollBucks.

There's always neat contests going on; the admin is a lovely, lovely person & on top of everything & right there whenever you need something or have questions; and the Pick a Pair game is TOTALLY addicting! I used to not be so interested in points offers, but now I sit and LOOK for bankroll offers there at BRB just so I can make sure I can play with those cute little pigs (they make me laugh!) almost every day, heh.

The referrals who have signed up under me apparently love BankRollBucks too, because my referral level earnings there are through the roof compared to most of the other sites I'm very active on (although my referrals do apparently love Rhino Riches too, doing pretty well regularly on referral earnings there as well - in fact, it was really thanks to my referrals that I was able to cashout at Rhino last month, so thank you guys - thanks to all at both sites, I'm glad you are obviously enjoying them so!).

Anyway, yep, I know I talk about how great BankRollBucks is all the time, but it's just THAT good! And you can easily - and WILL - get paid every month. And the 12 Days of Christmas promo is still going on over there and is really neat, there's still a raffle waiting to have more tickets bought, and when the 12 Days of Christmas contest is over, there's no telling what cool contest BRB's admin will come up with next. So - go! Now!

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