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Friday, December 5, 2008

OK, I'm Awake Now!

Whoops, sorry about yesterday and getting back so late today! I spent hours and hours reorganizing stuff here, getting rid of the dead wood and removing some references to sites I no longer feel comfortable supporting or encouraging anymore, on Wednesday night through Thursday morning, and really got finished with what I was intending to as far as reorganization, but never got to some of the "extras" I was planning to add here to the site - still, it took a long time but I finally got things updated and reorganized the way I wanted them. Then I promptly passed out and slept for a really long time.

I got back up in the afternoon with plans of moseying over to my "work" site and being there a few hours, and then coming back and working on my own GPT activities, updating here, and working some more on site revisions. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 19 hours later, at 10:00 this morning... I was still over yonder "working". And then after running some much-needed personal errands out of the house today, I came back and... fell asleep again. :)

So here I am now with a couple of quick posts before the weekend. More to come!

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