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Sunday, December 7, 2008

DailyCashRewardz, Revisited

When I was making my rounds checking my balances at the end of last month, I was rather pleasantly surprised to discover that DailyCashRewardz had not only totally remodeled the entire site, but had made some big and very neat changes.

DailyCashRewardz has now gone to a $5 minimum cashout, and pays daily by verified PayPal - and Amazon gift card; check payments are made weekly. So any time you have $5 or more in your balance, you can request a withdrawal at any time. DailyCashRewardz has three referral levels of 20%, 5%, and 2%, and a cash activity bonus for logging in regularly.

This was actually one of the very first GPT sites I joined, but I never made much use of it due to the previous $20 cashout minimum and having gotten more active with other sites. With these changes, I probably will be over there more often now. DailyCashRewardz is also one of the SquishyCash family of sites, and I've been paid by SquishyCash, so I feel confident in labeling this one too as a "Site That Pays" (and they're always running tons of constant contests among all their sites).

DailyCashRewardz is open to US members only and are currently offering a 50 cent signup bonus within 48 hours to your verified PayPal for signing up. Join today!

UPDATE 03/02/2013: This site has closed.

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