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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


As regular readers likely know, I have kinda gotten a little "allergic" to PTC sites with "bux" in their name (or they closed out of the blue, like Buxout did yesterday - another good reason to be allergic). Out of frustration and aggravation, I have recently shelved some of the ones I previously had listed here, but AdverBux is one I have continued to stick with.

It operates a little differently from those other "b" sites, and actually they made a lot of really cool changes in recent months that I really love - including increasing the ads to standard members daily quite a bit in recent months. The front page now says "Never view less than 10 ads," but really I think there's usually one or two more than that most days.

I'm actually also doing fairly well at this one (by free PTC standards anyway), so that was another reason I have kept on working this one. I'm still a long ways away from cashout, but getting lots better results with AdverBux balance-wise than the other "bux" sites I gave up on (either because they disappeared, or couldn't seem to stay up, or changed their TOS to something ridiculous, or whatever - I got fed up and quit others).

Cashout is a $20 minimum by PayPal or AlertPay, and international members are welcome. AdverBux pays up to $0.01 per ad viewed, and has one referral level of 20%.

I really kind of love this site - I wish the cashout was a little lower, but that's OK, I'll get there eventually - and unlike a lot of the other "bux" sites, this one I really do recommend 'cos it seems to be working kinda nicely for me, steadily increasing anyway. Go see for yourself and have a go at AdverBux!

UPDATE 07/09/2009: AdverBux may or may not be closed - I understand some have been able to access the forum - but I have not been able to get this site to load or, on one or two occasions, load without severe amount of problems for weeks, and pretty much since its return after disappearing for several weeks with a "we'll be back eventually" type of message on the site. With its $20 minimum cashout, not having performed very well for me in over a year of effort with it, and all of the above problems, I am just taking it off my active listings whether it's actually closed or not. I couldn't tell you if it's really closed or not because it hasn't loaded for me in weeks, so for me, it might as well be closed anyway.

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jijiyzj said...

Adverbux is best PTC ever.Fast loading site, 10++ ads per day, action ads which enable us to earn more 0.10 per ad, fast payment.The most important is it is not scam.Highly recommended.

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