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Friday, November 6, 2009

Got Paid Update #84 - MatrixMails

Everyone knows by now that MatrixMails is one of my very favorite sites - it's consistently been a good performer, pays quickly, has excellent benefits if you upgrade, and now it's really turning into my top performer among PTC and PTR sites ($76.11 since August 2008). I'm now averaging $20+ cashouts about every two months, which is far and beyond all the others currently in my stable of sites.

To be honest (as I have many times in the past), it'll take you forever to reach payout at MatrixMails if you're a free member (though you'll get there eventually). Upgrading here is well worth it, and the Gold Lifetime membership - which you pay once, and never have to pay anything again ever - will get you into the bigger and quicker earnings, as well as being able to cashout anytime rather than waiting for the $20 mark as a free member. The other upgrades will up your balance too, but the Gold Lifetime is where the really large potential earnings are. If you heavily promote, you'll get more and faster, certainly. Doing PTCs every day, as well as the mails here, really helps too.

This is one I'm really excited to see where things stand this time next year, the next, and so on.

Anyway, as always I'm thrilled to report yet another lightning fast payment from MatrixMails - faster than usual, even - I requested my $22.42 payment on October 19th, and had it the very next day. Awesome!

If you're not a member, this is one of the ones you don't want to miss. Check out MatrixMails today!

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MatrixMails - Get paid


philsfault said...

Hola Lynn.

Glad to have you back and writing again. Kinda Sorta missed you.

I wish I had grabbed the lifetime membership on MatrixMails. Just $15 more than more current subscription. Oh well, I'll pick it up this Feb when my current Sub' runs out.

Miss Money Hunter said...

Ah, always good to see & hear from you Phil. I'll sit down with email soon, promise.

Yeah, I do love Matrix and I too regretted picking up a lesser membership first back in the day. I do agree with something Eddy brought up to me about wishing it was more user-friendly, it'd be nice if they'd do a site remodel and make it less "busy", but once you figure your way around there it's so dead easy to make money and bring in residual income.

It's also on the disallowed list at a few TEs, not really sure why but think it's some coding problem with their pages.

But in any case it's still my favorite along with ClixSense (WordLinx a close third I suppose, but I love those best). And edging its way towards being my top earner, that just would not have been possible at all without the Gold Lifetime upgrade. Maybe close with the other upgrade but the Lifetime pushed it for sure!

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