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Thursday, February 5, 2009

CashMakingMonkies (formerly CashMonkies JR) - Redux

(NOTE: Edited 03/10/2009 to reflect recent name change to CashMakingMonkies; edited 05/12/2009 with new information)

After having had some very positive discussion & interaction recently with the new owner of CashMakingMonkies (formerly CashMonkies JR), a site I promoted a great deal under previous ownership, I have decided to re-add CashMakingMonkies to my list of recommended sites again.

Those of you that read regularly or are active in GPT/etc. will probably recall that the site was changed to a points-only site in the fall and all cash balances were converted to points. In November, the then-owner announced both her sites (CashMonkies & CashMonkies JR) would be closing, but a few days later announced that CashMonkies JR would be sold instead.

The new owner, Neatha, has been very active in talks with those of us who hang around GPTBoycott's discussion forum about problems with both sites - unfortunately, even though the original site closing announcement seemed to state that all members of CashMonkies would be paid by the former owner whether they had made minimum cashout or not, this now appears not to be the case.

But as for CashMakingMonkies - which is the site Neatha bought - the new owner has been working hard to fix things that were left undone or badly when the site ownership was transferred, and has been very willing to work with remaining site members who were unhappy with things that transpired with the changes/closing/transfer - most specifically, those members (including myself) who had a cash balance prior to the site becoming points-only under the previous owner, now that under the new ownership, the site was returning to a cash and points site.

So to make a long story short, if you were a member of CashMonkies JR prior to December 2008 and had a cash balance before the site changed to points-only, send a trouble ticket into Neatha and she will be happy to review your account and re-convert your point balance back into a cash balance.

The site seems to have returned back to normal again with lots of new offers and many varied PTC contests (something this site has always had a lot of and good ones), so drop in if you are a member and haven't been since the transfer, or check it out if you've never signed up before. I'm not usually so quick to re-add a site I've removed when it's been sold unless I have knowledge or experience with the new owner that's positive, but in this case, based on my very positive experience with the new owner and her willingness to iron out the leftover site problems with members, I'm feeling good about hanging out on the site again.

UPDATED INFO 05/12/2009: CashMakingMonkies now has a $20 minimum cashout by PayPal only; to cashout via Wal-Mart gift certificate, $23. There is also now a stipulation on the site that in order to cashout, at least 50% of your cashout must be in offer earnings. There are two referral levels here (10% and 5%).

The new owner has added lots of ongoing games to the site, and CashMakingMonkies is another site that makes VERY liberal use of promo codes, which can often be a big help in helping you edge your balance up towards cashout a bunch.

UPDATE 07/23/2009: CashMakingMonkies has been awarded the Platinum Seal of Approval from BeenPaid.com.

International members are welcome at CashMakingMonkies. Join today!

UPDATE 08/21/2009: This site is closing as of September 1st, 2009.

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